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Sketching in Bali - part 1

Here are some of the sketches I made during our stay in Bali. We had a great fun exploring area of the island by bike and sketching everything that we encountered on our way.These are straightforward black pen, some basic tone value were added afterwards with Copic markers.

[lightbox link=""]bali_sketch[/lightbox]
[lightbox link=""]Scan 24[/lightbox]

"Ulundanu Beratan Tabanan Bali" floating temple.

[lightbox link=""]Scan 52[/lightbox]

"Pura Hulundanu Batur" (Head of the lake) one of the oldest Balinese temples.

[lightbox link=""]Scan 58a[/lightbox]

Spa, spa, spa.

[lightbox link=""]Scan 51[/lightbox]
[lightbox link=""]Scan 55[/lightbox]

Structure of typical Balinese temple explained by a local painter.

[lightbox link=""]Scan 57[/lightbox]

Street view, Ubud.

[lightbox link=""]Scan 50[/lightbox]

Ice cream shop.